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Tater Tats was first conceived in a conversation between farmhands in the fields of Groundswell Farm in West Michigan. The idea was fueled by the sun, sprung from the muck, and nearly launched itself. The concept was simple: vegetables you can wear.

Featured by NPR’s The Salt and funded by Kickstarter, our temporary vegetable tattoos began to show their faces at festivals and schools, farm-events and healthy-eating campaigns in June of 2014. Since then, upper-arm eggplants, cheeky tomatoes, and sleeves of carrots continue to appear wherever good food is celebrated.

At Tater Tats we believe in whole foods and the people who raise them. We think vegetables are absolutely vital. We like farmers; they tend to be some of the most open-hearted, resourceful, and generous people we know. Ten percent of sales goes to support them, and in turn, to deepen local economies, soil health, and human connectedness. Every purchase you make at Tater Tats helps make good food and good farming, work.

So roll up your sleeves my dear chefs and eaters, movers and shakers, farmers and friends.

It’s time to Tater Tat.


Email us at info@tatertats.com or fill out the form below for for more information on how to partner with us or receive wholesale information; we offer wholesale prices to shops, farms, markets and non-profit organizations.

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