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Hello! My name is Krista Pischner-Coon. And here’s a little word or two about myself!

I’m a Northern Michigan girl and was raised near Lake Michigan. I live with my husband Dustin in a small farm town just east of the lake. My favorite times are spent at the water, with my nose in a book and a LaCroix in my hand, laughing with my sisters, and celebrating holidays with friends and family. I love last-minute trips to the ice cream shop and old-people things (bird watching, flower-arranging, gardening, thrifting, tea, old movies, etc;). My favorite color is periwinkle. I want a back patio with twinkle lights and lots of babies someday, and to be just like my mom and my grandma.

I’m inspired by gardening, cooking, farmers market finds, and simple, minimalistic beauty we sometimes overlook. The very lovely organized chaos of nature- all the perfect rhythms intertwined into the messiness of life. I’m inspired by the little moments that make up my life, and all of our lives. And I strive to collect the little moments instead of things. I am inspired by the feeling I get when I stand at the edge of a wildflower field, listening to the hum of the bees and the birds chirping, watching the bunnies jump, and soaking up all the warm summer sunshine on my shoulders. And I love trying to create those feelings with my art on the dinner table and throughout the home. I am inspired by slow mornings, good coffee, collecting my favorite wildflowers on a summer evening walk. The trinkets at my grandma’s house. Long talks with a dear friend, sharing our hearts with each other.

I believe in natural, simple, decorative and useful- these are all things so important to me and my everyday life. I believe every person has some goodness and that relationships are super precious. I believe in the beauty and art of slowing down, and not being afraid of the quiet things. In taking the time to write a short or long note in a pretty note card to tell someone what they mean to you.

Welcome to my little shop! Thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad you’re here!

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