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Grand Pine Creations was established in 2016 with a simple idea that has led to a small business allowing me to do the craft that I love… Creating art with wood! Originally, it began with the creation of a coffee table focused around Michigan and the Great Lakes and since has “branched” out into numerous works of art including up-cycled mosaics, wood burnt skylines, routed lakes and many other variations of art. My goal has always been to do something different and unique which has motivated me to experiment with combining processes, transforming simple ideas into hybrids in which I use multiple techniques to create a single piece. My love for The Great Lakes and nature has led to a conscious approach in my process where I try to incorporate reclaimed wood scrap as much as possible. In giving back, with any Great Lakes piece sold, a small portion of the sale is donated to Alliance for the Great Lakes, a company helping to restore and protect our precious lakes. For 6 years now I have showcased my work at local markets and art festivals, connecting with the community here in West Michigan and around other parts of the state. Grand Pine has continued to grow into something special focusing on expanding techniques while helping with the creation of customized orders. It’s been a great journey so far and I am constantly finding ways to improve my skills and who I am as a person and an artist. I have met so many great people, and am very grateful to those that have helped support my small business!!

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