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Our mission is to support families in expanding their “mindful toolkit” with accessible, science-based products that support mindful practices and bring inner peace in a hectic world.

We believe spiritual magic lies in innovative designs that provide a sense of luxurious tranquility.

After two years of creative play, and countless rejections from manufacturers, our debut publication stands proudly on the bedside table of many children. Watching curious little eyes and hands play with our early iterations was an integral part of our design process – it had to spark wonder.

The Flip & Flow is no ordinary book – it’s a mindfulness companion, where every adventure starts with a breath… Uniquely designed to stand, it’s a blend of art and science – as each of the whimsical hand-illustrated sides invites children to create their own meditative stories and positive affirmations.

Over 1,000 possible creative sequences help children explore their emotional landscape and the mind-body-breath connection. From opening the eye-catching gift box to feeling the linen and gold cover to flipping the cards to reveal new connections on each side, the heart-centered design is a stepping stone to a family ritual, with lifelong ripple effects. It plants the seeds of a growth mindset.

Tina is a homegrown Grand Rapidian and Neha hails from London, UK. We’re certified Breath and Embodiment Coaches seeking to share the power of breathwork and mindful practices in creative ways. Our approach stems from learning how transformative a little breathing space can be… Tina went from cancer survivor to thriver with holistic practices, and Neha found her way out of mental and emotional despair by curating mindful toolkits for children during the pandemic.

We’re excited to fill a gap in the market with our hybrid design that’s interactive yet screen-free; playful yet educational; and simple yet expansive. Future editions coming soon for teens and adults.

It’s more than eye candy… it’s soul food.


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